Google Maps

Happy news for everyone that wants to share directions, routes and trips. Google maps can now be used in CoSketch which makes it faster, and easier, than ever to quickly point out interesting points on a map and share on the web.

Just click on google maps in the menu on the left to bring up the map.
The map will be shown as a background to the sketch and can be controlled either individually by all users or follow a specific user. You will also see a box for every user on the map that shows what they are looking at at the moment.

The painting-tools works exactly as before and you can select if you want to paint relative to the world or the screen. By exploiting this you can get a canvas of almost infinite size ;)

Right now the functionallity is still quite limited. For example you can't add pictures and text relative to the world and you can't save pictures of sketches with maps. The interface will receive some more polish and you should also expect to see an GPS import feature to simplify sharing of trips you have logged etc.