Cosketch Embeddable

Do you want a quick sketch-creator on your homepage? Try the embeddable version of cosketch.

The embeddable version of cosketch integrates seamlessly with your website and allows your users to instantly collaborate on drawings and chat in real time without leaving your site.

There are three versions of the control. One for quick and simple sketch creations, one multi user whiteboard with chat and one fully customized.

Embeddable whiteboard

Syncronized whiteboard with chat for several users.

Mini sketch creator

Simple, single-user canvas for quick sketch creations that for example can be used to create attachments to forum-posts etc.

Live demo!

Fully customized

Very flexible and can be used for all kinds of applications.

Features availible:
* Cross browser vector drawing with image manipulation. Without plugins requirements.
* Canvas with any size and with zoom.
* Syncronized data between clients and to server. Data can be drawing, chat and much more.
* Export as image.
* Infinite undo with instant preview.
* Very lightweight. Both loading, communication and client side performance is lightning fast.
* Drawing and navigation on Google Maps
* Anything you can think of, don't hesitate to ask.


To apply send an email on the contact page. Please note that Cosketch embeddable still is in beta so all requests might not be accepted.